Tom's 2004 release, "Practical Man" (Mylodon Music, 2004), once again shows Tom's emotional and stylistic range, with tender ballads of love lost and found, rousing gospel and rock tunes, a post-modern lullaby, a polka about the afterlife, and more...

Produced by James Stephens (The Stove, Old Chelsea, Quebec), Practical Man features Danny Artuso on acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitar; Ian Babb on tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet and bass clarinet; Rebecca Campbell on harmony vocals; Rob Graves on percussion; Tom Lips on lead and harmony vocals and acoustic guitar; Pierre-Yves Martel on upright bass; James Stephens on electric bass, tenor acoustic guitar, banjo, harmony vocals, mandolin, harmonium, violin and viola; Alex Vlamis on piano, electric piano, accordion and harmony vocals; and Peter Von Althen on drums.

NEW: The digital version of this album, or individual tracks, can now be purchased online from CD Baby. Just click on the link below! (You can also order the physical CD from CD Baby, though if you are ordering from inside Canada we suggest you order directly from Mylodon Music by mail, using the CD order form.)

Tom Lips: Practical Man

Partial MP3 versions of selected songs are provided below, or visit CD Baby for samples of all tracks:
1. Crescent Moon (5:29)
2. Davey's Got A Woman (2:53)
3. May Morning Love Song (3:51) MP3 2.2 mg
4. Honesty (4:32)
5. Polka Of Death (3:20)
6. Big Rocks Are Falling (4:26) MP3 1.8 mg
7. This Love Is A Weed (3:49)
8. Rocky Maniwaki Honeymoon (3:52)
9. Trekkies' Honeymoon (3:11)
10. Still Drinking (4:32)
11. A Safe Place To Cry (3:35)
12. Walk On The Water (4:11) MP3 0.8 mg
13. Sweet Silence (3:10)

(All songs written by Tom Lips and registered with SOCAN)