Tom's first solo recording , a CD entitled "Made of Sky," (Mylodon Music, 1999) has won many friends. Christine Lavin described it in these terms:

"There's a terrific new album by Canadian singer/songwriter Tom Lips called Made of Sky. Tom possesses a deep, beautiful voice (think James Keelaghan crossed with Lyle Lovett) and is a masterful singing storyteller. The production is first-rate, the ballads are soulful and the funny stuff, is, well what can you say about lyrics like "if you've got a yen for tall and scrawny men/all I have to ask of you is, honey, where've you been?/I'm a skinny white male out here looking for love." I recommend this album highly and already know it will be on my top ten list for the year 1999."

Favourites identified by fans of Made of Sky include a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Tom's prairie ancestors ("The Far Saskatchewan"); a reflection on the building of the Canadian railroad ("Eyes Of Asia" -- co-written with Joan MacIsaac); a rollicking gospel-style explanation why "A Man Must Wear A Tie"; a bluesy celebration of the "Skinny White Male"; a look into the soul of an "Underground Parking Lot Attendant"; a faux-reggae wish-list called "All I Want"; and some poignant songs of love lost and found.

NEW: The digital version of this album, or individual tracks, can now be purchased online from CD Baby. Just click on the link below! (You can also order the physical CD from CD Baby, though if you are ordering from inside Canada we suggest you order directly from Mylodon Music by mail, using the CD order form.)

Tom Lips: Made of Sky

Partial MP3 versions of selected songs are provided below:
1. The Far Saskatchewan (4:37) MP3 2 mg
2. Skinny White Male )3:20) MP3 1 mg
3. Only The Moon And Me (3:47)
4. Elizabeth (3:41)
5. A Man Must Wear A Tie (3:26)
6. Underground Parking Lot Attendant (5:11) MP3 1 mg
7. All I Want (3:54)
8. Eyes of Asia (4:54)
9. Simple Song (4:15) MP3 1 mg
10. Western Lodge (4:42)
11. Didn't Intend To (4:39)
12. All Of The Churchbells (5:25)

Produced by James Stephens and featuring the talents of Danny Artuso (acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitar); Ian Clyne (piano); Duncan Gillis (whistle); Jack Hurd (piano); Jean-Marc Lalonde (accordion); Tom Lips (lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar); Martin Newman (upright bass); Shelley Posen (harmony vocals); James Stephens (fiddle, harmony vocals, synthesizer, piano, mandolin); Terry Tufts (harmony vocals); and Peter Von Althen (drums).