"Tom Lips is a soft-spoken, well read and romantic songwriter whose imagery gets inside one and paints a picture richly textured with beauty. His songs are poignant outpourings of emotion about a Saskatchewan home, a woman walking up the stairs by candlelight, a ski trail in the Gatineau, that verge on the inspirational. Tom's voice is superb, crooning, almost sensual in a warm friendly way."
Dean Verger, Rasputin's

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, TOM LIPS is a gifted singer and songwriter as well as a creative and dynamic teller of traditional and original stories and a poet whose work has appeared in The Fiddlehead and Descant.

Tom's new CD, "The Devil's Day Off" (Mylodon Music, December 2014), has been well worth waiting for! Packed with original songs that span the range from heartbreak to hilarity, it includes longstanding audience favourites like "Newborn Girl," "The Devil's Day Off," "The Dance That You Saved Me," and many more.

Tom has written more than three hundred songs in an eclectic mix of styles, rooted primarily in the folk genre. Performance credits as a singer-songwriter include opening for Hart Rouge and Christine Lavin, appearances at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage (including repeated participation in the popular annual "Christmas Goose" concerts), the Alnwick International Folk Music and Dance Festival (U.K.), Ottawa's West End Well, the SLOWest Coffehouse Series, the Folk Upstairs Acoustic Series (Perth), The Ottawa Folk Festival, The Strawberry Moon Festival, The Great Canadian Theatre Company, Rasputin's, and numerous contributions to theatrical productions and storytelling shows, including the "For the Love of Pete: Stories and Songs from the Life of Pete Seeger" and "And Tell Laura I Love Her: Stories and Songs of the Early 1960s." He has performed and recorded with the band Pilgrim Fire and has been featured on CBC Radio's national comedy program, "Madly Off in All Directions."

Tom's first solo recording , a CD entitled "Made of Sky," (Mylodon Music, 1999) has won many friends. Christine Lavin said: "There's a terrific new album by Canadian singer/songwriter Tom Lips called Made of Sky. Tom possesses a deep, beautiful voice (think James Keelaghan crossed with Lyle Lovett) and is a masterful singing storyteller. The production is first-rate, the ballads are soulful and the funny stuff, is, well what can you say about lyrics like "if you've got a yen for tall and scrawny men/all I have to ask of you is, honey, where've you been?/I'm a skinny white male out here looking for love." I recommend this album highly and already know it will be on my top ten list for the year."

Tom's songs have been featured on recordings by Joan MacIsaac, Karen Lahaise, Writers Bloc, and others. His second CD, "Practical Man," released in 2004, once again showed his emotional and stylistic range, with tender ballads of love lost and found, rousing gospel and rock tunes, a post-modern lullaby, a polka about the afterlife, and more.

A public servant by day, Tom lived for several years on a biodynamic farm in Ottawa's Green Belt with his wife (the farmer) and two stepdaughters, a Border Collie, three Highland cattle, four Shetland sheep, and some Leghorn and Chanticleer chickens, not to mention countless groundhogs, deer, rabbits, Canada Geese, and other creatures. He now lives a more urban lifestyle and struggles to keep potted plants alive. The groundhogs appear to have followed the family into town....

Tom is also an experienced storyteller with a flair for original or traditional tales of humour and the fantastic. For more about storytelling, visit the web sites of the Ottawa Storytellers and Storytellers of Canada.

Storytelling performance credits include:
National Arts Centre Fourth Stage Storytelling Series, 2000 - 2015
The Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival 2014
The Ottawa Folk Festival, and the Storytelling Festivals of Ottawa, Toronto, Westport, and North Bay
The Governor General's Residence (Open House featured storyteller)
The Kingston Art Gallery
Major's Hill Park (July 1st festivities)
Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Headquarters
The "Stories from the Ages" series at Rasputin's, 1996-2004 (selections from the Odyssey, the Chinese folk epic "Monkey," the Mabinogion of Wales, the Iliad, the Kalevala of Finland, and others)
The Children's Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization (Klondike program, Medieval program)
Storytellers of Canada Annual Conference 2003 (main stage performer)
Hugh's Room, Toronto

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